Laying The Odds In Dice

Laying The Odds In Dice

Laying the odds at a craps table means you are betting against the shooter or against a specific number showing before the dreaded seven. A bet against a shooter means the bettor wants a seven to roll before the shooter’s number rolls. This is often referred to as playing the don’t side of the table. A don’t bettor is laying odds against certain numbers being rolled before a seven is rolled. A don’t ten bet would be the original bet plus laying the odds of say $20 to win $10 on the odds bet. The original bet would pay even money.

The odds on a don’t four would be the same. The odds on a don’t five or nine would be lay $9 to win $6. The odds on a don’t six or eight would be lay $6 to win $5.

As you can see, you need to put up the come side pay off when laying the odds on a don’t bet. This may account for the fact that many players will not play the don’t side. Another factor is the don’t bettor is making what could be considered pessimistic bets. This is a fallacious perception. Don’t bettors are just taking the house side of the bet and also getting a slight edge in the crap table odds. It takes more money to play the don’t side, but on a cold table it is the winning strategy. You can also place don’t bets just like you can place come bets. Again these are not popular with the general dice shooting public.

Laying the odds behind the line on a don’t come bet is similar to a behind the line bet on a come bet. The difference is you need to bet more money as you are laying the odds instead of taking the odds. The math is the same in both cases and the chances of the bet winning depends on the way the table is running. It is the negative perceptions of don’t betting that stops this strategy from being employed more than it is. It makes sense from a dice playing method, but going against the rest of the table is not a popular way to join a table of excited dice players.

A mathematical edge in any gambling game should be exploited if you have the means to do this. Don’t come betting is just such an edgy bet.